Event Name and Identity

This section outlines an exhibition that brings the rooms together under the central theme of change. 

The word Change doesn’t carry enough weight and meaning to be the project’s name.

Name - Circle
Creativepool 2022 Shortlisted Nominee
People's Choice 2022

Revolution = Change, but the word on its own sounds too much like a battle cry.

Adding the ‘s’ to make it plural takes the edge of the meaning and adds more association with cycling. It also fits in with more than just one story behind the project.

Revolutions: Stories of the diversity and cultural value of cycling

The name fits well with the event description.

Logo development:
the outcome


Initial ideas focused on the wheel, the simplest form and the thing that gets everything moving. 

Working through those ideas and research into successful roundel logos, the idea developed into a symbol with more implied meaning than just a circle could. 

By ‘Implied meaning,’ I mean a mark designed so that people can interpret its meaning in more than one way.

A cog
Spokes in a wheel
A highlight
A note
A warning
An expletive
A seal (when used with the name)…


Exhibition Guides

The wheel image represents a connection, lines reaching out from the centre to the outer rim. 

Each room has a guide for visitors to pick up. Strong colours have been used to identify each room.

The guides are sealed with a sticker naming the connected room. Users must break the seal to open the guide, starting the interactivity with the print.

The cultural value of cycling
…is this the machine?
It is the only bike shop in Boston…
Riding a bicycle often attracts the attention of men…
I saw how parts of the city were torn down…

Building a scrapbook

Cycling Revolutions Exhibition

To extend the interactivity of the rooms and the guidebooks, visitors can add replica artefacts such as flyers, posters, badges, and stickers, which can be picked up from each room, to complete each story as a scrapbook.

Change is actioned through the guidebooks by the visitor adding key messages, the protest placards, the statements and the personal stories on display.

Visitors can build up a scrapbook of the exhibition in their guides as they go through it.

Cycling Revolutions Exhibition

Before and after

The visitors complete the guides by adding stickers, markers, and tear-offs from around the rooms.

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