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Born in 1973
Went to art school in 1989
Went to another in 1992
Met a girl in 1993
Got a job in 1994
Bought our first house, our dog Elvis and started a studio in 2000
Married her in 2002
Bought our second house and had our first son in 2003
Had our second in 2007
Lost Elvis in 2009
Got Razzle in 2010
Cycled to Paris in 2010
Got my black-belt and joined Stan’s in 2013
Nothing much happened in 2014
Or ’15
Or ’16
Big changes in Autumn ’17
Started a new studio in September November
Started MA Graphic Design at Falmouth University 2019
Developing a design festival
Entered a design competition in April 2020
Broke my best bike :(
Won the competition in August