Commission by the Concrete Centre to produce this identity graphic for the Structural Design of Tall Buildings Conference being held at the Hilton, London Tower Bridge.

A global skyline depicting the outline shapes of the World’s tallest concrete-built buildings. The buildings, in line-order are:

Alexandra Tower, Liverpool – 88m
500 West Monrow, Chicago, USA – 180m
Strata Tower, London – 148m
Damac Heights, Dubai – 335m
Bank Boston Tower, Brazil – 145m
Millharbour, London – 147m
Torre CajaSol, Spain – 180m
The Shard, London – 306m

The graphic was produced as different versions to work at various sizes, the primary graphic carries all the detail of the buildings: where they are in the World and their height, a secondary version just shows the heights so that they are legible at small sizes. The simplest version just shows the skyline, this is used in cases where any text on the graphic would interfere with other content on the publication.