The launch of Iron & Rose, a new, local, independent wine merchant.

The name is inspired by the smell and taste of ‘Barolo’, an Italian wine: “Wine produced in the northern Italian region of Piedmont vineyards must be located on hillsides.

“Barolo is often described as having the aromas of tar and roses, and the wines are noted for their ability to age and usually take on a rust red tinge as they mature. Barolo needs to be aged for at least 38 months after the harvest before release, of which at least 18 months must be in wood.”

The wines they sell are all sourced from organically and bio-dynamically farmed vineyards, winemakers who keep their product pure, but above all the focus is on wines that taste good, are authentic and speak of the people and places that made them. As well as wines, other products on sale, such as teas and coffees, are sourced in the same way: from plantations with the same ethics and approach.

They wanted an identity with an independent feel, earthy, rural, stripped back — to be as environmentally sensitive as possible to match their values:
Organic, Sustainable, Ethical, Natural, Biodynamic, Integrated Agriculture. Even the bank they chose prides itself on history, values and ethics.

Our approach was to follow these principals and keep things simple. The logo came first, simple and clear but unexpected, no sign of vines, leaves or grapes… In most cases the logo is applied with a stamp as a seal of approval, a representation of quality control. When colour is used, claret and brown are chosen to represent the wine and the earth.

There is no elaborate packaging, the content is what customers are buying and not what it comes in, matching the small local independent feel of the suppliers (as well as the budget for the project). Any printed material is on either recycled or FSC approved stock. The website uses a mobile responsive design and clearly demonstrates their character and approach. It tells the user everything they need to know about their values in an informal and relaxed tone of voice, sharing knowledge and a passion for the products.

“All of what we sell we source from producers with strong environmental and ethical policies. Much of what we sell is grown organically, some bio-dynamically. Lots are produced entirely naturally with nothing added and nothing taken away.”
Robin Nugent, Director